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Need some extra advice?  Love dog books?  Want to know where to find great dog gear?


We have great recommendations and information listed in the links below.

Favorite Products


I like dog gear - actually I LOVE dog gear.  I've been asked many times where a collar or harness or coat comes from that I thought I'd just put everything on this page.  Equipment listed on this page are things that I've either had personal experience with or have had enough good reviews that I'm planning on getting it in the future.  Click for more information...

Book List


With so many dog books out there, how do you know which ones to get?  My book list contains my favorites and must reads.  Click for more information...



With such a large variety of treats these days, it might be hard to figure out what would be best for training your dog.  There are some easy guidelines for choosing the right training treat:

Treats must be highly palatable. 

Treats must be easy to eat.

Treats must be small.

Treats must be easily handled. 

Click for more information...

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