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Happy Healthy Pedigreed Rats

Farstar Rattery was established in 2004 and bred mink and pearl merles until taking a break in 2012. We were excited to participate in the show ring with our rats and finished several, including a Best in Show winner.


After a several year break and a move to a new location we are ready to be obsessed with these wonderful little creatures again. We have a new focus this time and in addition to starting with some new blood, we are very excited to be able to introduce our old lines back in through rats from BVR.


Since many of our rats do not have the extensive pedigree information as the lines we used to work with, we are working hard to select for temperament as well as making sure the rats are as healthy as they can be. Currently we are working toward a goal of blazed variegated rats in Russian blue, RED and their dilutes.


Over the next few years that may solidify into a specialization or may change based on where the health and temperament takes us. We never want to pick color over having happy, healthy rats.

Adoption Policy


Read our policy on adopting our baby rats and fill out and adoption application.

Available Rats

See what we have available!

We breed on a limited basis, so we may not always have babies available.


See what my recommendations are!  From food, to bedding to my favorite cages, this link will get you started.

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