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Having problems?

Need a direction on barking, chewing or housebreaking?  Looking for information on locating your next puppy?  These links will give you a step in the right direction.  As always, contact us with any questions or concerns.


Want a puppy?  Looking for a breeder?

I feel very strongly that dogs should only be bred for a good reason.  It is not enough to simply breed two dogs together because they are "nice" and would make good pets.  Dogs need to either be conformation champions (show dogs) or be worked in some venue (with titles to prove it) to be worthy of being bred.  Show and working breeders produce dogs in their litters that make fantastic pets.  Dogs need to be FULLY health tested before they are bred.  Don't know where to start your search?  The following links will give you a good start:


The following are resources on health testing available for dogs.


Housebreaking and Crate Training


Biting, Chewing, Barking


Dog Training


Pulling on the Leash


Fussy Eater?


"Dominance" Issues


Advanced Training


Clubs and Organizations


Books and Equipment

  • Dogwise - a great source for dog books and DVDs

  • Cleanrun - all the agility gear you would every need.  A great source for toys as well.

  • J&J Dog - source for obedience and agility equipment.

  • See my favorite books here.

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