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Favorite Products

I like dog gear - actually I LOVE dog gear.  I've been asked many times where a collar or harness or coat comes from that I thought I'd just put everything on this page.  Equipment listed on this page are things that I've either had personal experience with or have had enough good reviews that I'm planning on getting it in the future.



  • Tailwagger Dog Photography - I love, love, love the pictures from them.  They are great with the dogs and the pictures are amazing.




Collar Tags



  • Perfect Fit Harness - this is a modular fleece lined harness to create the perfect fit.  I am picky with which harnesses I like on dogs, especially puppies and this harness will not impede natural movement when the leash is attached to the clip in the back.

  • Walkezz Fleece-lined Harness - this is what I use for the dogs when I'm running or biking.  Its fully lined with fleece, so there is no fur loss or sore where the harness rubs.


Walking at Night



  • Kong - best dog toys ever.  Great for stuffing with wet food and freezing.

  • GoughNuts - virtually indestructible rubber toys

  • Planet Dog - high quality rubber toys

  • Zogoflex - tough rubber toys in fun shapes

  • Buster Cube - a great food puzzle toy

  • Tuffie Toys - stuffed animals for heavy chewers


Chew Toys

  • Nylabones - use with caution!  These can be used to for pups and young dogs to prevent your dog from chewing on your table leg, but as you dog gets older, there is a possibility that chewing on a Nylabone can chip or fracture teeth.  My vet does not recommend Nylabones for dogs over the age of three.


Cold Weather

  • Chilly Dog Coats - from fleece coats for the fall days to heavy duty winter coats, this company makes fantastic products.

  • Hurtta - a wide assortment of coats


Exercise Equipment


Working Dog Gear




For Anxiety

  • DAP - also called Adaptil or Comfort Zone.  Synthetic copy of a naturally occurring pheromone that can help calm dogs.  Comes in a spray, collar or diffuser.

  • Thundershirt - a great tool for anxiety.

  • Calming Cap - a tool to reduce visual stimulus, which helps to reduce anxiety.

  • Through a Dog's Ear - music designed to calm dogs.

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