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Welcome to Farstar Training!

Training dogs and their owners in the Greater Grand Rapids area.

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Training your dog is more than just getting him or her to follow your commands.  Training creates a working partnership and fosters the human-animal bond.  Proper and early training can create a relationship that will last a lifetime.  All pets deserve to be well mannered and have an understanding of basic obedience, whether they compete in obedience or are a spoiled couch potato.

Problems between dog and owner can occur when there is a lack of clear communication.  At Farstar Training, we teach you to train your dog using positive methods and Marker Training.  Food is the fastest way for your dog to learn and Marker Training provides clear communication between you and your dog.  After your dog has mastered a skill, we teach you to wean your dog off of the food rewards.

We teach not only the skills, but the training system which allow you to continue to train and bond with your dog for years to come.

Group classes are offered at a local training center and private lessons are offered on a limited basis.


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